Nominet is the UK’s domain name registry service.


The problem

Nominet’s Cyber Security team approached us with an urgent problem,  leads acquired through various marketing channels were not syncing to SalesForce.

Emails were sent to prospects ad-hoc, sales teams spent hours each day trying to find the best lead to call.


The Solution

We sat down with the Cybersecurity team to understand their problem better, their challenges and objectives.

We Integrated Hubspot with Salesforce to sync leads between the two systems,  created a best in class marketing automation program which allowed the sales team to focus on making calls and generating sales.

Deployed a lead nurturing program to keep leads who are not ready to buy warm.


The Result

The project still ongoing.

Client: Nominet Cybersecurity Team
Skills: Hubspot and SalesForce Integration
Tools: Hubspot and SalesForce


Business, Technology


Date published

June 11, 2016