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Author: Appah Prince

Sales and marketing alignment

Smarketing: A case for sales and marketing alignment

When a Head of Sales says “the leads generated by marketing are no good” you know you need Sales and marketing alignment. This essentially means adopting a single view of sales and marketing which works together seamlessly to generate revenue, leads and close sales. This

saas marketing linkedin

Enterprise & SaaS Marketing using the power of Linkedin

When it comes to B2B marketing there are fewer tools better than LinkedIn. In fact, LinkedIn state that 97% of B2B users use LinkedIn for their content marketing efforts and that 78% of B2B marketers state that it’s the most successful social media platform when

product qualified lead

How to Identify a Product Qualified Lead (PQL)

The marketing qualified lead, or MQL, has long been an important and familiar term in B2B marketing. It’s used to identify when a prospect has moved far enough in your marketing funnel (and in their buyer’s journey) to demonstrate buying intent. However, the SaaS industry innovates

How to Do ABM With Hubspot

Account-based marketing looks slightly different depending on who you ask. But at its core is one central theme: the idea of company-centricity. If you’re B2B, you’re selling to businesses. Generating five thousand leads doesn’t matter much if those leads aren’t within the businesses you want to