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B2B Content Marketing Agency

At Soroni, a B2B Content Marketing Agency, we specialize in helping businesses with content marketing campaigns focused on generating leads. We think of ourselves as a content marketing agency because we don’t just focus on the written word – but also use videos and other multimedia for our clients.

What is content marketing, and how does it work

Content Marketing is all about creating and curating content that will then be published on websites, social media channels, blogs, etc., and marketed to attract new audiences. Using this approach, businesses can build a database of their target audience and create compelling messages to attract them to their company or brand. It is a great platform to build an audience around your business and products.

The anchor of every successful content marketing campaign is ‘value.’ People are sold on the value of a product or service. How does this product or service help them? 

Some common types of content marketing include case studies, white papers, series videos & podcasts, infographics & charts, blog posts & articles, and other branded content (like company announcements).

Why you need a B2B content marketing agency

You need a B2B content marketing agency to help you with your B2B marketing. We can develop an audience and create compelling messages for them and write content that is useful, interesting, or entertaining for the desired group of customers.

The best way to find success in any business venture is through investing time in research and analysis. Content Marketing agencies provide a valuable service that not only saves you time and money. It also allows you to tap into a wealth of experience.

We help businesses avoid some of the cost learning curves they are likely to encounter when going alone.  We can also give you peace of mind from knowing professionals are handling your marketing campaigns.

There is no denying B2B content marketing agencies offer a valuable service for businesses who want to succeed online. We bring battle-tested methods and strategies to deliver successful campaigns.

The benefits of hiring a B2B content marketing company

Content marketing in B2B often can be more challenging because it requires a different level of sophistication regarding planning and execution. The success of content marketing in B2B is directly tied to the level of investment and insight into each piece. For example, a white paper takes months to write. You want to get it right the first time. It’s not simply a matter of creating an article for social media. 

It requires a deeper understanding of your business and the industry you’re engaging with, ideally from an account-level perspective. 

A B-to-B content marketing agency is well suited to this challenge. We have the experience, insight, and capability to provide you with what your enterprise needs to be successful. The idea that one size fits all when it comes to content marketing doesn’t work for B-to-B campaigns any more than for other marketing campaigns.

How to find the right one for your business

Success breed more success. The best way to find the best B2B content marketing agency for your business is by looking at what they have done. We have several case studies to showcase some of our favourite campaigns. It allows you to see the results that we have achieved for others businesses. There is no reason we cannot do the same for you.

  • Check out our case studies.
  • Connect with us on social media to see what we are up to in the world of B-to-B content marketing.
  • Get in touch to ask questions.

We take pride in our work.

How to measure ROI from your new campaign

If you can track ROI in your efforts, you will see how your content marketing strategy pays off. The more success you have, the easier it will be to repeat. We encourage you to tie your campaign to concrete goals. Are you looking to grow your brand recognition? Are you looking to get more leads? 

Defining your goals makes it easier to measure the performance of any campaign. Brand recognition can be measured by growing your social media following, engagement on your pages, and mentions across the web.

ROI is easier to measure on leads. The number of leads/Total cost will give you the cost per lead. You can then consider conversion rates for a more granular look at things. If the conversions are not up to expectation, you can always look at the quality of leads or the performance of your sales team.

Why choose an agency that specializes in B2B content marketing

As with any field, specialists tend to outperform generalists. We are specialists. We are experts in what we do. We understand the challenges, know how to overcome them, and have a proven track record of success. That is why you should choose an agency that specialises in B2B content marketing.

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