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Content is the new king, and the king has brought his army with him. Businesses that have all of their marketing needs to be handled internally are becoming the exception, not the rule. As such, more and more companies are trying to figure out how to work with an agency. Our Content Marketing services are not limited to content creation. We carry you through from the idea phase to the syndication of various types of content. This is a key part of B2B Content Marketing. 

What is a Content Agency

A content agency is a company that focuses on creating strategies and tactics around content marketing. Content Marketing is about creating and distributing valuable, usable content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action. 

Agencies are typically specialists in one or more of the following: media relations, advertising, market research, public relations (PR), SEO/SEM, social media marketing (SMM), web analytics, direct marketing, or sales promotion.

Why use a Content Agency

A content agency helps you to solve your market’s problems, develop your company’s reputation, increase sales and boost profits. A good Content Agency will have real expertise throughout the marketing mix, helping you to deliver a great brand message.

 What do we do?

We create strategies and tactics around content marketing. Content Marketing is about creating and distributing valuable, usable content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.

 What types of companies use us?

At Soroni, we work with businesses of all sorts. Content knows no boundaries. As long as your potential customers use the internet to search for your offers, we can help. We ensure that your content is tailored to be found and to convert those that find it into customers.

Content Marketing

What types of companies don’t use us?

Organisations that have an issue with digital content or working with a digital agency. 

Organisations that are backed by such deep-pocketed investors that they can afford to do all of their marketing in-house. 

Content writing services

Content writing is the first step towards content strategy. We start by examining your marketing strategy and comparing it to the requirements of your intended audience. Our goal is to create a comprehensive, practical list of topics that will attract the desired audience, who will be interested in what you have to offer. It is essential that we understand your goals and your audience so we can create an effective marketing plan. 

Content strategising services

As we prepare our Content Writing Services for implementation, we also create a strategy for the content. Our goal is to create a marketing plan that will encourage and support your company’s goals. Upon the completion of a target audience analysis, we compile comprehensive lists of topics for our writers. We then assign each topic to a writer, who will implement the strategy outlined by our content strategists.

Content outlining services

Your content is ready! Our Content Outliners can then begin constructing paragraphs, with each being assigned to an appropriate writer and topic. Our content outlines are where every piece of copy goes to be turned into copy that will sound and look like you. 

Content research services

Research is a cornerstone of our content writing services. Multiple writers and editors will review your content before it goes to the client. 

Content conversion services

We’re here to help make your content strategy worth it, so we’ve rolled out additional value-added service offerings.

 Our Content Conversion Services ensure your pages are optimized for search engines while creating a wonderful user experience. Your content’s quality should be a reflection of you, so we work with professional copywriters – whether you have in-house talent or not. 

How to choose a Content Agency

A lot of businesses think they can handle their content on their own. For some, it is true. But for many others, you need to hire a professional Content Agency to steer your digital ship through the rough sea of SEO, PPC, consumers and other factors that can affect how your business performs online.

Digital PR

Digital PR is a powerful way for companies to stay top of mind, gain exposure in media outlets, and earn links back to your website. 

Reactive PR

Reactive PR is a strategy used by everyone for crisis management. Whether it be in politics, health, government, or in business, when things get bad, you need a PR team to respond and get your reputation back to where it needs to be. 

Social marketing

Social marketing is a method of attracting people to your business. While it can be done with any marketing campaign, such as blogging, or advertising, social marketing happens through approaches such as Linkedin, Facebook or Twitter.

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