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What is SaaS content marketing?

SaaS content marketing is a content-driven form of market for businesses that provide software as a service. Saas content marketing agencies create original, high-quality articles on behalf of their clients. The article topics are focused on the industry verticals served by the particular SaaS company. For example, a SaaS content marketing agency specialising in legal services would write about legal topics since they know and most likely have experience with it.

SaaS Content Marketing & SEO

SaaS content marketing is different from traditional SEO services in that it is not just about making an article good for search engines. It also makes sure that the article is good for readers. The goal of saas content marketing is to make people want to take a certain action.

The three most common actions of our SaaS content marketing approach are:

1) building trust with potential customers

2) getting leads; and

3) increasing conversion rate.

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Understanding Your Goals and Customer Avatar

There are two parts to every SaaS client relationship. One is the provider, and the other is the user. To start, think about your product, so you understand what type of customers it will attract and what your goals with it are. Then, you can choose a topic for your article based on this information. Our role is to make this process as straightforward as possible.

Understanding your customer avatar allows us to create content and a content strategy tailored to their pain points. This may seem obvious, but it is one of the key steps in creating a successful SaaS content marketing strategy. By understanding your customers’ pain points and knowing what they want from their product, we can create content that will benefit them and make them more likely to take action.

Often, people who create software that other companies use have a weak way of branding their company. It is important to know the industry you are writing for before assigning topics or writing articles about it.

Developing a bespoke Saas Content Marketing strategy

Content marketing strategies should not be the same for everyone. Your product is not the same as others. The strategy should be specific to your audience and those who use your product. It doesn’t matter how beautiful you make your branding or how much you spend on advertising if people are not engaging your content.

As Content Strategy Consultants for SaaS product developers, we listen to you. You know your product better than anyone else. Let us help you deliver the message you want to.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation can be done in one of two ways through inbound marketing. You can either use Content Marketing for Lead Generation or Paid Marketing for Lead Generation. Both are effective ways to generate leads for your business. As a SaaS Content Marketing Agency, we make sure that both lead generation methods are implemented to ensure that you enjoy success.

Adwords PPC is easier to do than content marketing. It gives you results quickly. Content Marketing can take a longer time, but it has more of an effect in the long run.

Lead Nurturing

Getting leads is half the job. Customers come into the sales pipeline at different stages. Lead nurturing is the art of ensuring that each customer is met at their point of need. We have battle-tested methods that engage each lead as it comes in. This is part of our customer acquisition process.

A good lead nurturing strategy ensures that you have a higher chance of keeping customers. You can pass leads over to your sales team at the right time.

Mapping The Customer SaaS Marketing Journey

The customer’s journey is not straightforward. Mapping it helps us have a clear overview of the whole funnel. We will know how customers are coming in and when they are taking certain actions.

Optimising this process sees holes in your sales funnels being discovered and patched. Where are your customers falling off? It also means knowing the best acquisition channels and methods for your Saas product. Why not put more effort into what is working?

Using Hubspot To Accelerate Growth

If all of this sounds like a lot, it is because it is. Manually keeping track of it all would be time-consuming and at times impossible. As a Hubspot partner, we use their platform for marketing automation. This saves you time and gets results much quicker. It also allows you to track the process and result of our efforts in real-time.

Customer Relationships

We help foster and manage customer relationships through CRM. This gives you an easy way to keep track of all communication and data related to each customer. It creates opportunities to tailor communications to their individual needs. CRM is a key part of maintaining a focus on customer retention.

Full-Service Overview

We work with you all the way to implement our SEO strategy. The initial phase involves thorough keyword research. Understanding what your target audience are searching for is key. It allows us to marry their searches to your services. Our focus on long-tail keywords delivers precise search queries through organic traffic. We help you provide precise solutions. High-volume keywords are not ignored. We ensure that these are targeted and optimised as part of a progressive long term project.

We funnel keywords based on customer queries and stages within the sales cycle. That allows for content to be better targeted. It enables us to drive qualified traffic.

Regularly Client Consultancy

Your input is vital for growth marketing. We regularly consult our customers to give updates on results and get feedback. This means that no process is set in stone. Our strategy continues to evolve throughout the campaign. As more data is gathered, better decisions can be made. Your product changes over time, as do your customers. Soroni ensures that your marketing strategy is not left behind.

Why Choose Us?

At Soroni, we are a result oriented Saas Marketing Agency. Our combined experience working within and collaborating with SaaS companies means you are in good hands. Our expertise in the industry is not the only reason why you should choose us.

Our commitment to transparency means that we are open about our methods and detailed in our reporting.

Our marketing team has a proven track record of transforming SaaS companies through our services.

At Soroni, we keep our promises. Our success stories speak for themselves and it’s not just the positive testimonials that we’re proud of – it’s also the length of time those clients have stayed with us.

Get in touch to find out how we can help with each sales objective and subsequent revenue growth.