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Tag: Marketing

CRM Implementation and Design experts

CRM for Small Business

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is becoming a key sales growth tool in allowing small businesses to not only manage interactions with their client base but to analyse, nurture and improve these relationships with the aim of improving customer satisfaction and retention. With the cost of acquiring new customers being

Sales and marketing alignment

Smarketing: A case for sales and marketing alignment

When a Head of Sales says “the leads generated by marketing are no good” you know you need Sales and marketing alignment. This essentially means adopting a single view of sales and marketing which works together seamlessly to generate revenue, leads and close sales. This makes it much easier to

How to Do ABM With Hubspot

Account-based marketing looks slightly different depending on who you ask. But at its core is one central theme: the idea of company-centricity. If you’re B2B, you’re selling to businesses. Generating five thousand leads doesn’t matter much if those leads aren’t within the businesses you want to sell to. This idea of