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Inbound Marketing for SaaS

Inbound Marketing for SaaS companies

The future of marketing continues to evolve alongside business, despite the adversity presented by covid-19. Accepting change is difficult, but it is a vital catalyst for progress. Inbound marketing for SaaS companies is such a catalyst. Incorporating inbound marketing into a B2B Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company

Content Marketing for Saas

Content marketing for saas companies

Content creation and marketing are becoming more prevalent by the day. Those that thought that we would see a plateau have been proven wrong. The growth of this strategy has seen no bounds. That is mainly because it works. Think of some of the most

Sales prospecting

Sales Enablement: Prospecting Tools Comparison

Recent research by Hubspot found that 55% of salespeople are screwing up prospecting. Prospecting is the hardest and most painful part of the sales process! This post will provide you with the tools and tips to make the process smooth and efficient. “Everyone is in sales”, Zig

Sales and marketing alignment

Smarketing: A case for sales and marketing alignment

When a Head of Sales says “the leads generated by marketing are no good” you know you need Sales and marketing alignment. This essentially means adopting a single view of sales and marketing which works together seamlessly to generate revenue, leads and close sales. This

saas marketing linkedin

Enterprise & SaaS Marketing using the power of Linkedin

When it comes to B2B marketing there are fewer tools better than LinkedIn. In fact, LinkedIn state that 97% of B2B users use LinkedIn for their content marketing efforts and that 78% of B2B marketers state that it’s the most successful social media platform when

product qualified lead

How to Identify a Product Qualified Lead (PQL)

The marketing qualified lead, or MQL, has long been an important and familiar term in B2B marketing. It’s used to identify when a prospect has moved far enough in your marketing funnel (and in their buyer’s journey) to demonstrate buying intent. However, the SaaS industry innovates

How to Do ABM With Hubspot

Account-based marketing looks slightly different depending on who you ask. But at its core is one central theme: the idea of company-centricity. If you’re B2B, you’re selling to businesses. Generating five thousand leads doesn’t matter much if those leads aren’t within the businesses you want to